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Be One With Belize!

The Belize Caves and Limpkin Tours is an Eco-friendly tour operating company since 2017, who truly believes that your MEMORIES should last a lifetime.  Our guides are well seasoned and certified in all the adventures that awaits you.  As you escape from what you know, let us make you feel at home. 
Discover your nature-lover's dream with us.  We provide an astonishing variety of ecotourism adventures at every turn you take.  From spectacular caves to impressive Mayan sites, from beautiful and exotic birds to breath-taking waterfalls.  So live your dream with us and choose from a variety of exciting activities, any one of which will make you a great story once you return to the real world.

Super Adventurous and filled with amazing history!

Carla G.

Patrick Bradley, Owner and Lead Guide

A certified, well seasoned guide trained both in the water and in the jungle. He prides himself in giving you the best adventure.  He has many years of experience.

Patrick is known for his work on the Discovery Channel 'Naked and Afraid' and National Geographic special series on Belize.

Lucy Bradley, Owner/Operations

A certified guide trained in archaeology and wildlife. She deals with all queries, booking and company logistics.

We deliver our tours by a simple principle, that the beauty, mystery, and wonder are all inherent to the caves, ruins and natural surroundings that we work with. Our role in the experience is simply to interpret the messages that these wonderful places hold.

After working for so many years inside these ruins and caves, our guides have learned how to read and understand the subtle smells, sounds and signs that are crucial to capturing experiences that would simply be lost to someone who hasn't been immersed in it for so long.


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